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BPI Broadband 38-200 DVI-Male to HDMI-Female Adapter (Dual Link)

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High performance connection between HDMI and DVI components / cable makes hookup Easy!
HDMI, the hottest high-definition digital audio/video standard, is compatible with all digital video connection, DVI. So, if you've got DVI components (like DVD player, Cable box, HDTV tuner with DVI outputs) in your system and buy a new HDMI-capable component (like Plasma TV or projector), compatibility is guaranteed.
This adapter makes it easy to enjoy the ultra-high definition video HDMI delivers with HDMI to DVI adapter.
With an advantage design and construction that include corrosion-resistant 24k gold contacts and silver-coated copper conductors for improved conductivity, the fastest and easiest way to "adapt" your HDMI and DVI cable and equipment is with
DVI single link Male to HDMI Female
Bandwidth up to 5 Gigabytes per second.
Color: Black  
Suggested Applications: HDMI-capable sources to existing DVI-capable displays and cables, or new HDMI-capable displays to DVI-capable sources.

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