Eagle 10 Pole Tier Band Reject Trap, Ch. 27A-73NA; Part #10MNF-Na-KKK

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Eagle Comtronics

Eagle Elite 10 Pole Filter, Channels 27a-73na; Multiple Channel Negative Tier Trap;  Used,
doesn't have original packaging.  Looks like it comes from a field pull from a cable company.  Otherwise, 
it looks to be in good shape. 


*Smaller size traps- 2.965" size for easier installation in small lockboxes and distribution panels.
*Superior environmental stability due to patented dome seal, patented double “D” outer shield, 
elastomeric O-rings and polymer male connector seal.
*Superior Selectivity Sharper band selectivity for reduced filter guardband, especially at higher frequencies 
(for many applications the filters can attenuate a pay tier without losing any channels in the guardband)
*Performance To 1 GHz Wide range of frequencies available with excellent performance to 1 gHz.

Multi-channel tier traps are becoming increasingly more popular to selectively control, block or access 
groups (tiers) of pay television channels. Traps are designed to meet a cable operator’s specific requirements 
and are available in band reject (NF), lowpass (LP), and highpass (HP) styles. This particular model
blocks access for nonpaying cable customer's from receiving channels 27a-73na.  

Tier traps come in six, eight, and ten pole configurations. The number of poles is directly proportional to the amount of attenuation the filter can deliver. As you increase the number of channels to be blocked, the guardband also widens. By adding more poles in a filter, attenuation can be improved without increasing the width of the guardband.  This particular item is the 10 pole model.

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Part #10MNF-Na-KKK

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