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The R. L. Drake model DQT1000 is a professional quality, digital headend transcoder product that tunes and demodulates MPEG2 or H.264 encoded VSB or QAM modulated signals from an off-air broadcast or CATV source or accepts an ASI input source. After error correction, it remodulates and upconverts the recovered MPEG2 transport stream onto a new QAM modulated digital output channel. The standard Drake DQT1000 is supplied with two tuner/demodulators. The DQT1000 may also be special ordered with a single tuner/demodulator. For these units, a second tuner/ demodulator module is also available by special order. An optional ASI input module is also available as a field installable option. If a DQT1000 is configured with two tuner/ demodulators and an ASI input module, only Tuner/Demod A and one of the other inputs may be used and multiplexed at one time. These options may be added to the standard Drake DQT1000, all within the DQT1000 chassis. The output section of the DQT1000 consists of a QAM modulator with an agile RF upconverter with an output of up to 61 dBmV that tunes from 54 to 1002 MHz.  PS

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