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MM806 NTSC Modulation Monitor - Confluent Technology Group

MM806 NTSC Modulation Monitor

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The R.L. Drake MM806 is a professional quality agile television demodulator with video and audio metering that demodulates any VHF, UHF, or CATV channel (54 - 806 MHz).

One MM806 may be added to a headend installation with the combined headend output sampled with a directional coupler and the sampled output fed to the MM806 RF input. Any NTSC channel from the headend can be selected and monitored on the MM806. This allows easy setup of video and audio levels.

The desired off-air VHF or UHF television channel from 2 through 69 or CATV channel from 2 through 125 is selected by a front panel pushwheel switch and associated slide switch. The MM806 provides a standard negative sync video output at a nominal level of 1 Vp-p.

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