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Motorola SEM-V12, Motorola Smart Stream Encryptor Modulator Module USED

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The SmartStream Encryptor Modulator (SEM), Motorola's family of  encryptor/modulator/upconverter products, provides cable operators with a cost- and space-efficient means to perform encryption, modulation, and upconversion functions within the digital headend. Providing up to 16 multiplexes of processing functionality (up to 12 QAM outputs) in a single-RU package, the SEM V12 significantly lowers the barrier to entry in an on-demand environment. With high-speed interfaces to servers and content aggregation systems, the SEM V12 performs multiplex creation, encryption, 64/256 QAM modulation, and upconversion across the full HFC band. The SEM V12 gives system operators the necessary tools to launch narrowcast services as the HFC infrastructure evolves to allow subscribers to watch what they want, when they want. The SEM is ideal for secure session-based VOD applications, 256 QAM upgrades, digital headend deployments, on-demand applications, switched digital video, encryption, and modulation/upconversion.

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