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SA/Cisco GS7000 4 port Node 1 GHz 40/52 Split

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The Cisco/Scientific Atlanta GS7000 four-port node is designed to enable broadband video network operators to easily scale services to meet customer demand and generate more bandwidth for more customers as the need for new services increases. This 1 GHz optical node platform is built to be technician-friendly, with no custom configuration necessary. Fibers are kept organized and protected, able to be routed from either direction, to either direction. Additionally, as a Unity Gain system, it will not affect overall gain on the network. Other features include:

  • Modular slots for MUX, demux, CWDM, DWDM
  • Storage for six to eight connectors
  • Assurance that all RF output levels remain consistent, even when technicians add a module or swap out a plug-in

Other 1GHz nodes are based on multiple previous product generations of product, including obsolete components and processes that are hard to work with. By contrast, the GS7000 was created from the ground up, so it is extremely cost-effective, efficient, durable, reliable and intuitive to use.

Contains the following: 



1 Node Housing GS7000 series
1 Node Amp Cisco PN: 800-4044086-01
1 Cisco High Efficiency Power Supply PN: 800-101793-02
2 Cisco 1.2 GHz low input forward receivers PN: GS7K-1.2G-LIRX

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