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Arris Adv. 1GHz Bdwth LcWDM Xmitter w/Dual RF Input w/AGC; Part #AT3310L-MM-2-AS

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Advanced 1GHz Bandwidth LcWDM Transmitter w/ Dual RF Input w/ AGC; SC/APC
connector; Quality Control;
Class 1M Laser Product: Class 1M laser is safe for all conditions of use except when 
passed through magnifying optics such as microscopes and telescopes. Class 1M lasers 
produce large-diameter beams, or beams that are divergent.
Product Overview: The ARRIS AT3300L series 1 GHz LcWDM (Low Cost Wave Division Multiplexing) 
Transmitters provide increased bandwidth capacity per fiber for the expanding service demands of HDTV, 
VoIP, VOD and high-speed DOCSIS. These transmitters are ideal for segmentation of node service areas 
because they enable the reuse of existing fiber up to eight times. These transmitters are designed for transport 
requiring optical output powers ranging from 6 to 12 dBm.  This particular one has a value of 10dB.
AT3300L series transmitters are available with dual 46–1002 MHz RF ports for combining separate broadcast 
and narrowcast inputs within the transmitter. 50 dB isolation between the broadcast and narrowcast inputs protects 
against NC crosstalk on adjacent transmitters via the RF drive network. AGC circuitry compensates for variations 
in RF input level to maintain constant transmitter output RF drive level to the laser. 
High density packaging enables network operators to install up to 14 transmitters per 3RU chassis, all of which can 
be monitored remotely or locally from the power supply module. Additionally, the compact single-width module 
design can be plugged in either the front or rear of the CH3000 3RU chassis to optimize equipment installation and 
operating conditions. The compact design minimizes rack space requirements in headends or hubs and enhances 
deployment of traditional HFC, passive HFC and fiber-tothe-home (FTTH) networks.
• Up to eight O-Band wavelengths per fiber 
• 64 analog PAL B/G channels plus 50 QAM channels 
• Dual inputs for separate BC/NC feeds
• 1 GHz RF bandwidth on both inputs 
• Front panel –20 dB input test port 
• Manual or AGC operation 
• True dynamic plug and play 
• One full-depth slot in CH3000 
• Up to 14 transmitters per 3RU chassis
• Hot-swappable, tool-less installation 
• Front panel laser On/Off interlock switch 
• Local and remote status monitoring features 
• Open standard TCP/IP SNMP support 
• 0°C to +50°C operation
This product is silver in color except for gray on the faceplate.  It measures 1x5x14.  There is also a required module backplate(BP-A8), which is included which measures 1x5x1-1/2, is black in color; 
Part #AT3310L-MM-2-AS

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