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Arris OP35M4-CFX DWDM Mux Module; Part #OP35M4-CF1-1-99-3-AS

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Multiplexer for 100GHz Spacing in Single Width, Half Depth DWDM Mux Module; 
4 Channels(20,21,24, and 29); Cascade(pass through) port and -20dB test port
present; SC/APC connectors; Quality Control;
Product Overview:
ARRIS’s OP35M4-CFx and OP35D4-CFx series 4-channel DWDM multiplexers and demultiplexers 
facilitate DWDM architectures. DWDM technology can dramatically increase network capacity without 
requiring additional fiber be deployed for super-trunking or narrowcasting applications. ARRIS supports 
DWDM architectures with a variety of products having 100 GHz center frequency spacing on the standard 
DWDM ITU Grid (ITU-T G.694.1) for 40 channels from Channel 20 to Channel 59. This particular group of 4-channel mux and demux products are intended for use with ARRIS’s AT3545G Full Spectrum DWDM 
Transmitters and are available with four different combinations of four DWDM channels.
4-channel(#20,21,24 and 29) optical mux modules with cascade ports for daisy-chaining of multiple modules 
• Groups of channels specifically selected for use with AT3545G series Full Spectrum DWDM Transmitters 
• Flat-top passband 
• High optical isolation 
• Mux and demux pairs optimized for minimum combined insertion loss across all channels 
• SC/APC connectors ensure performance repeatability, compatibility, and easy installation and maintenance 
• Line monitoring tap (–20 dB from mux output or demux input) 
• Industry’s highest packaging density (up to 32 modules per chassis) 
• Occupies one half-depth slot 
• LGX chassis-compatible 
This product is black in color except for green and yellow across sc/apc connectors on the faceplate.
It measures 1x5x7-1/2.
Part #OP35M4-CF1-1-99-3-AS

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