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Arris, Transmitter, DT3515C-28-1-2-65-AS

Confluent Technology Group

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Arris,  DT3515 series Digital Transmitters digitize two RF return paths, multiplex them, and transmit them on a single return fiber on a DWDM ITU-grid wavelength. Models supporting 5–42 and 5–50 MHz passbands (DT3515) transmit the signal at 2.125 Gbps, while models supporting a 5–65 MHz passband (DT3515C) transmit the signal at 3.1875 Gbps. 
By providing two RF returns on an ITU-grid wavelength, the DT3515 alleviates fiber exhaustion and greatly simplifies the network by enabling the use of DWDM transport from hubs to the headend. The 5 dBm output transmitter power supports link losses up to 23 dB and 200 km dispersion limits.
Product Features
•  Digitizes 5–42, 5–50, or 5–65 MHz RF return paths
•  Multiplexes two return segments into a single data stream
•  Optical outputs on 100 GHz-spaced DWDM grid (ITU-T G.694.1) for up to 40    wavelengths per fiber
•  5 dBm transmit power
•  Transmits at bit rate of 2.125 Gbps (models with 5–42 or 5–50 MHz passband)    or 3.1875 Gbps (models with 5–65 MHz passband)
•  Compatible with Aurora's BP-35M4 series of multiplexing back plates for    dramatically simplified interconnect cabling
•  Front panel laser On/Off interlock switch
•  Hot plug-in/out
•  Local and remote status-monitoring
•  Occupies one full-depth slot

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