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ATX 1GHz Combiner w/ Monitor, F Connector, 3x2:1, 0dB Default; Part #N-MCF32M0

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RF Worx SignalOn Series, 3 x 2:1 Combiner, 0dB Default;  QC Pass- 


Splitter/Combiner Modules:

The SignalOn Series, combined with the innovative cable management of the chassis, 

provides engineers with a variety of products to simplify the RF signal management 




  • High density with standard F & BNC connectors
  • Patented make-before-break attenuator pad design for hitless signal balancing
  • Chassis supports both passive & active modules               
  • Clear chassis door provides protection & clear view of modules
  • Clear attenuator pad covers & patented pad guides for simplified maintenance
  • High quality, precision F Connectors         
  • Designed to exceed NEBS requirements for grounding/bonding               
  • Independent EMI near & far-field testing            
  • One year warranty on all passive modules           
  • Available in 1RU, 2RU, & 5RU chassis
  • NEBS Level 3 compliant

Part #N-MCF32M0

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