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Aurora BP35M4X Optical Mux Backplate, Channel L(28-31); Part #BP35M4L-1-00-AS

Confluent Technology Group

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Headend Optics Platform(CH3000) BP35M4, Channel L(28-31), Optical Mux
Backplate(on 100GHz-spaced ITU Grid); goes with AT3535G-29-1-AS(Analog
Narrowcast DWDM Transmitter, and BP-A4 backplate, each sold separately.
Measures 4x5x8, silver with black backplate, with green sc/apc covers;
Class 1M Laser Product- Laser products considered Class 1M are, much like 
Class 1 lasers, safe and incapable of producing hazardous exposure. However, 
when viewed with collecting optics, such as a telescope, Class 1M lasers can potentially be hazardous. Otherwise, they are exempt from control measures.
ARRIS’ BP‐35M4x series Optical Mux Back Plates facilitate the implementation of 
Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) architectures. DWDM technology can dramatically increase network capacity without requiring that additional fiber be deployed for super‐trunking or narrowcasting applications. 
ARRIS’s unique packaging of these 4‐channel multiplexers as backplates that can 
be easily attached to the rear of the CH3000 chassis eliminates the need to allocate 
internal chassis slots for dedicated multiplexer modules.
Further increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the BP‐35M4x packaging concept is 
the fact that the same series models BP‐ 35M4x‐1‐00‐AS backplates can be used to 
provide multiplexing capabilities for mid‐plane connection versions of ARRIS’s AT3535G 
series DWDM Narrowcast Transmitters and DX3515 series Digital Transponders, while the 
series models BP‐35M4x‐1‐02‐AS provide the same multiplexing functionality for ARRIS’s 
DT3515 series Return Path Digital Transmitters. 
The pass‐through DWDM input and output ports permit the cascading of all the BP‐35M4x 
series multiplexers, and facilitate the sequential muxing of multiple (greater than four) 
individual ITU channels off of a single optical fiber.
• Unique 4‐module‐wide backplate design provides multiplexing function without the need 
for internal chassis slot 
• Eliminates four patch cords 
• 4 channels spaced on standard 100 GHz DWDM ITU grid (10 channel plans available) 
• Mux optimized for minimum combined insertion loss across all channels 
• Flat‐top passband • High optical isolation 
• SC/APC connectors ensure performance repeatability, compatibility and easy installation
 and maintenance 
• BP‐35M4x‐1‐00‐AS can be used with AT3535G series DWDM Narrowcast Transmitters 
and DX3515 series Digital Transponders in CH3000 chassis 
• BP‐35M4x‐1‐02‐AS can be used with DT3515 Digital Return Path Transmitter in 
CH3000 chassis
Part #BP35M4L-1-00-AS

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