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Aurora Light-Plex Broadcst/Narrowcst Comb., Gr L(28-31); Part #OP9534-0-00-R2-00

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Aurora Networks

Light-Plex Field Passive Optical Narrowcast Demux with BC/NC Combiner, Channel Group L(28-31), 100GHz on ITU Grid.; Rugged Package with pigtail of 2mm loose tube fiber and no connector; Quality Control, Class 1M
Laser Product; 

Quality Control- Quality control (QC) is a process through which a business seeks to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved with either reduced or zero errors. Quality control involves testing of units and determining if they are within the specifications for the final product.

Class 1M Laser Product- Laser products considered Class 1M are, much like Class 1 lasers, safe and incapable of 
producing hazardous exposure. However, when viewed with collecting optics, such as a telescope, Class 1M lasers can potentially be hazardous. Otherwise, they are exempt from control measures.

Product Description

The Model OP9534 is a combined narrowcast demultiplexer and broadcast/narrowcast combiner. The OP9534 features four optical input ports (one carrying the DWDM narrowcast services and the other three for either a single four-way split or dual two-way splits of broadcast services) and five output ports (one narrowcast services pass-through port and four combined broadcast/narrowcast ports). Each OP9534 demultiplexes up to four DWDM wavelengths and is available in various wavelength combinations.  This particular model works on channel Group L, 28-31, 100GHz on ITU Grid.  

One broadcast optical signal can be equally split four ways or each of two independent broadcast signals can be split two ways, while the narrowcast carriers are separated by a four-channel ITU–grid demultiplexer. Each narrowcast optical carrier is then multiplexed with one of the common broadcast optical signals and passed to one of the four output ports. DWDM optical carriers whose wavelengths are not dropped by the demux are passed through to the DWDM output port.

By adding optical narrowcast carriers, the OP9534 allows MSOs to offer new, revenuegenerating services, such as digital video, video-on-demand, high-speed data and telephony, more easily and cost-effectively than ever before.


* Low loss integerated narrowcast demultiplexer with broadcast splitter and broadcast/narrowcast combiner 
* Totally passive module 
* Eliminates most fiber jumpers normally associated with BC-NC combining 
* Available with or without SC/APC connectors 
* Epoxy-free on optical path

This item is black with silver on the faceplate.  It has a rugged package with yellow cords and 2mm pigtail of loose tube fiber with no 

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Part #OP9534L-0-00-R2-00

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