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Aurora Networks A/B Switch Ab02S1S 5-225mhz. Part # AB02S1S-0-00

Confluent Technology Group

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The AB02S1S-0-00 Alternate Routing Switch is an external A/B switch designed to select an RF signal from one of its two inputs and deliver that signal to its output. With a 5-225Mhz MHz pass band, the switch provides economic and reliable support for implementing optical return path redundancy between various portions of the network where indoor receivers are deployed. Route selection is based on DC voltages from the analog receivers, and the switch position is determined by the presence or absence of voltages at the inputs of the switch. The AB02S1S is designed to operate with all Aurora Networks products that have external A/B switch drive logic such as the AR3001 Analog Dual Return Receiver, DR3002 Dual Digital Receiver or DR3021 Dual Return Channel Digital Receiver.
Part #AB02S1S-0-00.

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