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Aurora OP95F1S Red/Blue Combiner/Separater Filters; Part #OP95F1S-CF-1-0-R2-AS

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Aurora Networks OP95F1S-CF series of combiner/separator filters are 3-port filters that 
combine (or separate) red and blue (or CWDM and DWDM) bands.  The filters are available in 
three versions of packaging for outdoor use, two versions ruggedized for easy handling and 
the second version, though not ruggedized, being smaller and easier to fit in a splice enclosure. 
All versions are designed for use in an outdoor environment within a temperature range of 
–40 to +85ºC. 
* 3-port filters to combine or Combiner/Separator Filters separate red and blue (or CWDM and DWDM) 
* low insertion loss
*  Operating temperature range –40ºC to +85ºC 
*  Options for standard or high isolation
*  Telcordia GR-1209 and GR1221 qualified, providing excellent environmental and mechanical stability
*  Variety of options for module package size, fiber jacket and connector types
*  Epoxy free on optical path
This is a single packaged filter for combining or separating the upper and lower spectrum of the ITU 
spectrum.  Red Segment is 15490-15638nm ITU ch. 18 to 35 and blue segment is 15280-15456 ITU
ch. 40-59 Standard Isolation Ruggedized packaging with meter of pigtails of 2mm buffered fiber and
sc/apc connectors. Quality Control;
Part #OP95F1S-CF-1-0-R2-AS

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