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Units may have minor scratches & dust from storage but have never been installed.

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38” x 32" x 16”, R3614A1310010000, Metal, CHANNELL COMMERCIAL CORP Fiber/Coax Conversion Cabinet.
The R3614A1310010000 is an upright cabinet used for housing an optical node, fiber splice enclosure, and up to 150 feet of optical cable. Mounting accommodations are provided for converting optical and coaxial signals. The internal components consist of a mounting plate and cable arrangement brackets. All components are manufactured of heavy gauge mill-galvanized steel, treated with a multistage gray-green finishing process for longer life.
The R3614A1310010000 serves as an above-grade cabinet for fiber optic and coaxial distribution equipment. Mounting accommodations are provided for combining an optical node, fiber optic splice unit, amplifier, directional coupler, power inserter, tap, splitters, etc.
  • Accommodates fiber splice closure, amplifier, slack storage, tap, splitter & power inserter 
  • Lockable 
  • Vented/screened louvers to dissipate heat 

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