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Cisco LGX-DWDM-MXDX 8 Ch ITU P/N 1030034

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Product Overview-

Facing competitive pressures and rapidly accelerating user demand for interactive services, cable operators need to upgrade their network architectures. These upgrade requirements are pushing optical fiber deeper into the network. But simply replacing existing transmission lines with fiber is no longer the most cost-effective way to handle increasing bandwidth requirements. Operators are now taking advantage of advances in optical filtering that significantly increase the number of signals (or wavelengths) that can be carried on a single fiber, a process known as dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM).

Features and Benefits-

• Cisco Prisma multiplexer and demultiplexer modules 

• Single-channel OADM available for greater design flexibility

• Channels spaced at 100 GHz or 200 GHz, following the standard ITU wavelength grid

• Wavelength mapping options that allow broadcast and narrowcast services to be combined on a single fiber

• Support for both analog and digital forward-path transmission applications, as well as reverse-path transmission applications, such as baseband digital reverse, to significantly increase bidirectional throughput

• Cisco Prisma multiplexer and demultiplexer pairs that are optimized for the lowest combined insertion loss across all wavelengths

• Module for multiplexer and demultiplexer applications

• LGX-compatible modules that easily snap into a wide variety of enclosures and cabinets

• Industry-standard SC/APC or LP/APC adapters that help ensure connector compatibility; reduce back reflection and insertion losses; simplify moves, adds, and changes; and reduce connector maintenance requirements

• LC connector option for 40-channel system to save rack space

P/N 1030034


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