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Commscope NG4 Optical Distribution Frame FR100000


  • $ 1,50000

The NG4access frame is the cornerstone of the NG4access ODF product line. This seismic GR-63 Zone 4 rated frame utilizes an industry-standard base frame and has six horizontal rear troughs and lower trough. This abundant trough space minimizes fiber pileup and congestion, leading to easier jumper traceability and removal. The frame has mounting positions for (6) NG4access 7-inch high chassis, which will hold up to 576 LC or 288 SC connections. On the rear of the frame, a mounting location is available for a single splice chassis without sacrificing an available chassis position for standard chassis. The vertical cable guides and slack storage system are designed to accommodate 3,456 LC terminations using 1.2 mm patch cords while maintaining a 15 mm bend radius protection at all bending locations. For additional flexibility in cable routing, the frame also includes a built-in jumper storage area on the left side. The NG4access frame meets interoperability standards covered in GR-449-CORE, Issue 3 and accommodates standard 19-inch wide frame mount equipment

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