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Commscope TracerLight® FOPC, 1.7 mm SM SX, SC/APC-SC/APC, yel; FTL-E/E-D020M

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TracerLight® Fiber Optic Patch Cord, 1.7 mm simplex, singlemode, SC/APC to SC/APC, yellow, 20 m

  • Offers a quick and accurate method of identifying the termination point of optical patch cords
  • Each end of a TracerLight patch cord features a flashing light source allowing technicians to visually trace individual patch cords
  • Dramatically minimizes the risk of taking the wrong fiber out of service while improves system turn-up speed and accuracy
  • Ideally suited for Central Offices, Data Centers and cross-connect patching

Product Classification 

Brand- TracerLight® 
Product Series- FTL 
Product Type- Fiber patch cord, simplex 
Regional Availability Latin America   |   North America 

Construction Materials 

Fiber Type-OS1 
Total Fibers, quantity 1 
Jacket Color-Yellow 
Fiber Mode-Singlemode 


Cord Length 20.00 m   |   65.62 ft 
Diameter Over Jacket 1.70 mm   |   0.07 in  

Environmental Specifications 

Environmental Space- Plenum 

General Specifications 

Interface, connector A SC/APC 
Interface, connector B SC/APC 
Color, boot A Green Color, 
Color, boot B Green Color, 
connector A Green Color, 
connector B Green Connector A, quantity 1 
Connector B, quantity 1 
Package Quantity 1 

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