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Digital Loggers Web Power Switch New 7.0 Part #LPC7(WebPowerSwitch7)

Confluent Technology Group

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Digital Loggers

Web Power Switch 7.0 New  a  surge-suppressed, AC power switch with automatic reboot and
programmable power control.  

Product Features:

*Simple Web Interface- The internal web server is accessible from any standard browser.  Simply enter an IP
address.  The controller may be configured and controlled via the web.

*Auto-Ping Reboot- This automatic feature monitors a remote IP address.  If a server, router, or other peripheral
goes down, the switch will automatically reboot it, without user intervention.  Up to 8 devices can be monitored

*LCD Display- A 2x16 LCD displays status for each outlet.  Customer messages can be displayed using a simple
scripting language.

* Password Security- Multiple-user security is provided to limit access to the power controller.  The administrator 
selects which outlets each user controls.

*Sequenced "On Timer"- A programmable timer allows outlets to be switched on in sequence, rather than simul-

*MOV Surge Suppression- A 3600W metal oxide varistor clamps power surges and spikes protecting all attached

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