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Fiberdyne Sm Dplx B/I 2.0mm Blue, SC/UPC-SC/UPC, 20m; Part #F9C21R2GC66020MB-TR

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Fiberdyne Labs, Inc.
Sm Duplex, B/I, 2.0mm Blue, sc/upc-sc/upc, BIF, OFNR, 20 meters.
RoHs Compliant;
Singlemode Duplex B-Directional Fiber Optic 9/125 Cable; Singlemode cable features 
a 9-micron glass core. Duplex cable consists of two fibers, usually in a zipcord (side-by-side) 
style. Use duplex multimode or singlemode fiberoptic cable for applications that require simultaneous, 
bi-directional(for both sending and receiving information) data transfer. ... 
BIF- Bend-insensitive fiber adds a layer of glass around the core of the fiber which has a 
lower index of refraction that literally "reflects" the weakly guided modes back into the core 
when stress normally causes them to be coupled into the cladding. BIF cable can be stapled
or bent around corners.  As a result, it provides an effective solution for accidentally twisting or
bending the cable.
OFNR - Optical Fiber Nonconductive Riser-  This is a cable containing only glass fiber with no 
copper conductive elements. It is generally intended for vertical runs between floors as part of a 
fiber backbone. This type of cable complies with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) fire safety 
test Riser/1666.
Connectors:  SC/UPC-SC/UPC- SC is the abbreviation of Subscriber Connector, sometimes also refers 
to Square Connector or Standard Connector. SC is a type of fiber optic connector with snap (push-pull 
coupling) coupling type and a 2.5 mm diameter ferrule, which is popularly used in single mode duplex 
system for its high performance and accurate alignment.
SC UPC connector is polished with no angle, which causes difference in light reflection. SC UPC connector adopts an 
extended polish method to realize finer fiber surface finish, which brings much lower back reflection (ORL) and thus 
provides much more reliable signal in data center, digital TV and telephone. 
Part #F9C21R2GC6602MB-TR

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