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Fiberdyne SM Dplx BIF 1.6mm, fc-upc-sc/upc, 25meters; Part #F9C21R3GC7B025MY-TR

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Fiberdyne Labs, Inc.
Fiberdyne Labs Cable Assembly;  Yellow Single Mode Duplex BIF-Bend Insensitive 
Fiber;  Bend Insensitive Fiber can be bent and stapled around corners without sacrificing performance; Fiber Optic Patch Cable;  1.6mm, 25 meters in length.
Connectors- 1st one- FC/UPC; The FC connector is a fiber-optic connector with a threaded body, which was designed for use in high-vibration environments. It is commonly used with both single-mode optical fiber and polarization-maintaining optical fiber. FC connectors are used in datacomtelecommunications
measurement equipment, and single-mode lasersThe FC connector has been standardized in the TIA fiber optic connector intermateability standard EIA/TIA-604-4.

The FC connector was originally called a "Field Assembly Connector" by its inventors. The name "FC" is an acronym for "ferrule connector"  The FC/UPC- stands for super or ultra polish qualities, allowing for lower insertion loss and lower back reflection. 

2nd connector, sc/APCSC is a type of fiber optic connector with snap (push-pull coupling) coupling type and a 2.5 mm diameter ferrule, which is popularly used in a single-mode duplex system for its high performance and accurate alignment. SC APC vs SC UPC: What Refers to APC and UPC?


Part #F9C21R3GC7B025MY-TR

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