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LG Pro Centric Server Model PCS150R

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The PCS150R is a stand-alone Linux appliance that manages and controls LG’s Pro:Centric Free-To-Guest (FTG) Application, delivering unique digital content to hotel guest room TV's via the existing RF or IP distribution network. The PCS150R can also be used to remotely edit the FTG televisions' channel map and installer menu configuration, dramatically reducing installation cost and future room visits. Please contact your LG sales representative for a list of compatible television models. A browser-based Admin Client GUI is provided for System Integrator (SI) partners and hotel staff to simplify the support and maintenance of the Pro:Centric system, including the ability to remotely manage system back-ups, software updates, billboard content and TV configuration settings. Utilizing a spare RF channel for communications, the PCS150R broadcasts it’s information to Pro:Centric enabled TVs enabling guests to select customized content for in-room viewing using the TV remote control, such as hotel amenities, daily weather, and interactive electronic program guide (EPG). The appliance captures data updates via the Internet to populate its EPG, weather forecast and other services, enabling the most up to date information to be presented to the guests’ TVs. PCS150R now features a frequency-agile modulated RF output (QAM), in addition to IP and ASI outputs. A dedicated Ethernet output port is provided to enable multi-cast broadcast of content within an IP environment. The Pro:Centric also supports 3rd Party developed Applications (Java™/Adobe® Flash®) from LG's partners operating within PayPer-View (PPV) entertainment systems. 

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