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Metrobiity Card, 4-Port 10/100 TX Switch; Part #R104-11

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Card, 4-Port 10/100 TX Switch; RoHS Compliant; 

The Metrobility® R104-11 is a four-port 10/100Mbps TX switch that provides a cost-effective solution for situations in which a simple switching option with few ports is required. When configured for stacking in a Metrobility chassis, the card eliminates the need for any external equipment. This means the network administrator has one less piece of networking hardware to manage and monitor. 

The R104 is designed to support a stack of up to four R5000 chassis, thus enabling communication between the management card in each chassis. The stacking line card enables up to 126 local ports and up to 126 remote ports (using the access line cards) to be managed under a single IP address. This ability provides visibility and remote software control over the entire stack, along with notification of a problem or failure to the network administrator. 

Each 10/100Mbps Ethernet port supports auto-negotiation of both duplex and speed, as well as half and full duplex flow control. Additionally, each port includes automatic cross-over functionality, which eliminates the need for crossover cables, for easier network setup.

The R104 offers the following key features: 
• Auto-negotiation to determine the best duplex and speed for data communications. 
• 10/100Mbps speed control. 
• Backpressure flow control in half-duplex mode. 
• Pause frame flow control in full-duplex mode (configurable through software only). 
• Built-in crossover functionality that eliminates the need for crossover cables.
• 1M bit buffer of built-in memory. 
• Full compliance with applicable sections of IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u and IEEE 802.x standards. 
• A non-blocking, high performance switching engine with the ability to learn up to 1,024 MAC addresses. 
• Support for long packets (up to 1518 bytes for un-tagged frames or up to 1522 bytes for IEEE 802.3ac tagged frames)

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