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Scalable Power Supply System Myers Power Products Model SK06AD16120-12


  • $ 32997

Only includes model SK06AD16120-12.
Myers Power Products SSP family is a unique high-efficiency scalable standby power system for the outside plant. Available in three power ranges using 1, 2 or 3 batteries per string allows the operator to achieve high-efficiency and match power system cost to the load/application. With modules that are common to the entire product family, stocking spares is easy.
Scalable standby power supply system • Achieves high power efficiencies over traditional platforms • “Small”, “Medium” and “Large” versions to match power system cost to application o “Small” versions use 12V battery bus (1 battery) o “Medium” versions use 24V battery bus (2 batteries) o “Large” versions use 36V battery bus (3 batteries) • Plug-in modules common across all models o Makes spare stocking easy o As system evolves, modules can be reused to create different power level products. o Preserves value by ability to move modules to different power configurations • Significant savings in power, deployment, batteries, enclosures • Ferro-resonant design provides voltage regulation and short circuit protection • Conformally coated PCB’s standard • Embedded HMS/DOCSIS Transponder 

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