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We represent these CATV manufacturers, please contact one of our Sales Reps here for information about ordering.


  PDI -


STARBURST TECHNOLOGIES (Starburst), a division of PDI COMMUNICATIONS INC, is a full-service design, engineering and manufacturing operation specializing in Broadband, Pro-AV and HD-TV components. Starburst manufacturers a full range of products under its Starburst name as well as private label for some of the largest network operators in the world.


For the past several years PDI Communications Inc. Starburst Technologies Series non-stand-by power supplies have been selected for use by system operators throughout North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean.  This high-performance product line is another addition to the family of Starburst Technologies products being used by system operators worldwide.


Other Products

ATSC to QAM Processor
Analog Modulators
1 GHz RF Distribution Amplifier
MoCA 2.0 Bypass Amplifier
SB-MoCA Splitter Line
MoCA POE Filter/Filter
SB-DOCSIS 3.1 Splitter UL
Ground Surge Protector
MDU Power Supply 60-90 ACV
1 GHz Indoor Splitter Line
DOCSIS 3.1 Line Passives (Direct Couplers, Splitters & Power Inserters)
DOCSIS 3.1 Outdoor Taps
Ground Surge Protection
2 Way Multitaps
HDMI 2.0 Cables



  CommDev -

We manufacture RF, L-Band, and Fiber Optic devices for ISP Headend and Hub site applications.

CommDev designs, engineers, and manufactures rack-mountable Active and Passive RF, L-Band, and Fiber Optic devices for headend and hub site applications operating within the frequency range of 5MHz to 3GHz.  The 1.2GHz CCAP and DOCSIS 3.1 compliant product line is offered in 3 platforms, Integrated, Integrated and Modular, and a complete line of RF modular active/passive devices form fit to install in a variety of chassis.

Newly engineered product solutions within the HRA, PNF, & PDR Series' are compact and modular; projects will benefit from lowered material costs, excellent performance characteristics, and provide a comparatively superior value.  These units are designed with feature-rich solutions and customizable configurations.

CommDev also does repairs, modifications, and/or upgrades to legacy units created within 2005 - 2012.  We support our customers with complete product technical support, architecture site design, customized product design, and other manufacturing services for MSO and PCO market applications.

All CommDev products are 100% Guaranteed and come with up to a 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty.



  Dunbar -

Company Profile

Dunbar is a tier 1 supplier of Mil-Spec Heat Shrinkable Tubing, offering a full breath of heat shrinkable and non-shrinkable products. From our centralized distribution center in Dallas, Texas. Orders are shipped same day on all in-stock products. The Dunbar team is committed to providing industry-leading customer service and products. Dunbar was founded in 1986 and is privately held.

Company Mission

To be the vendor of choice for Heat-Shrinkable Tubing products - Polyolefins (Formatted Markers, Thin, Medium & Heavy wall), Adhesive-lined, Automotive grade, Kynar, PVdF, Neoprene, Diesel Resistant, CATV tubing Fluoroplastic, Fluoroelastomer, and Viton tubing throughout North America. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of value for all of their Mil-Spec Heat Shrinkable Tubing & Commercial Heat Shrink tubing needs.

CATV/TELCO Products Provided

3:1 Shrink Ratio, Medium Wall, Adhesive Lined, Flexible, Polyolefin Tubing

CATV 400

CATV 750

CATV 1100

CATV 1300

CATV 1500

CATV 1700

CATV 2000


  RF2F -

The Company specializes in providing technical solutions to multiple-system operators (MSOs) in the cable and satellite television systems industries. This includes product repairs, upgrades, tests, and services for companies in the cable television (CATV) industry. The Company was founded in 2005 by Steve Richey and Andrew Staniak, who each has over 47 years of experience in engineering and project development in the CATV industry. The products designed and manufactured by 4 Cable TV are revolutionizing the industry by allowing MSOs to efficiently extend the reach of current network infrastructures and reduce overall system operating costs.

The Company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Conway, South Carolina.

Products and Services 4Cable TV offers the following suite of products:

RF2F™ (Coaxial to Fiber Optics): This proprietary line of coax-to-fiber taps allows cable operators to reach homes within their franchise authorized area that was previously not economically reachable.  Fiber optics allows longer distances between the existing network and the new users at a lower cost per foot for the cable.

Mini-Node: This product is currently the smallest and most inexpensive mini-node offered in the market. It was designed and manufactured at the request of a major cable company client, and it provides a cost-effective solution to increasing capacity for providing services.

PowerMiser™: This circuitry allows a low current 1 GHz amplifier (and/or line extender) to be constructed with a dramatic 50% decrease in current power requirements while maintaining essentially the same operational specifications.

RFoG (RF over Glass): This signal distribution technology combines the existing cable TV infrastructure with the efficiencies of fiber optics to effectively reach the home in a way that is competitive with the existing options.  Other solutions require a new back-office infrastructure while RFoG uses the existing infrastructure. RF2F™ is an extension of RFoG technology and RF2F™ has been referred to as point to point RFoG.

Node+0: This application combines the RFoG technology platform with our PowerMiser™ engineering to take fiber signal all the way to the last device before the customer.  This results in a much more reliable system with lower operating and maintenance costs.

SOLAR-CATV: This extension of the PowerMiser™ and the Node+0 utilizes solar power and helps the operator extend service to areas not presently served without adding power sources. DSR (Dynamically Scalable Return) Mini-nodes: This technology allows nodes, R-ONU’s (RFoG optical network units) to dynamically adjust their return bandwidth simply be changing the channel lineup at the headend. Present technology requires that the diplex filters in each unit be changed, which in many cases means an amplifier rebuild or the replacement of the plugin diplex filters at a considerable cost.

Engineering, Repairs, and Upgrade Services: In addition to its products, 4Cable TV has offered these services to clients on a case by case basis. These services are highly labor intensive and have been a staple in our past and present revenue models. Although providing these services have generated stable revenue streams in the past, the Company is shifting its operations towards the production of its product lines as the demand has significantly increased.