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144ct Optical Distribution Unit With Jumpers Model# LSX-TL5123-A-SPL ADC


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Frame CommScope’s LSX solution is designed to fit a variety of termination, splice and storage applications. Each frame option is built to industry standards to ensure commonality with patch cord routing, slack storage and fiber protection. The frame is shipped complete with front cable management, top and bottom troughs. Termination panel The LSX panel is available in adaptor only versions with in configurations of 24, 48, 72, 96, 144, and 288. Preterminated panels are available in 48, 96, 144, and 288 fiber versions with either intrafacility (IFC), outside plant (OSP) cables for ease of installation. Splice panel CommScope’s splice panel protects splices of multiple splice types. Value-added module (VAM) chassis Adding signal management and enhancement functions, such as splitters, couplers and wavelength division multiplexers, optimizes the value of your fiber network, by providing nonintrusive access to the optical signal for monitoring and testing signal integrity. The LGX compatible VAM chassis accommodates various splitter and WDM modules. Product overview LSX Optical Distribution Frames 3 Recommended applications Small to medium fiber count applications. Minimal cable management features. Lowest cost solution. Description LGX compatible Number of fibers, future growth potential Up to 5,000 Interconnect Good Cross-connect Good, no rear cable management Accommodates on-frame splicing Good Accommodates off-frame splicing Good Rear access Must have full access to front and rear Density – terminations per frame 1,008 terminations per frame Front access to rear connector No VAM capabilities Yes Slack storage location Utilizes drip loop method Connector access Straight adapter