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3M CCT-1700-48 Heat Shrink Tubing


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3M™ CCT is a heat shrinkable, crosslinked polyolefin tubing with a lining of adhesive sealant, that is designed specifically for the CAT V i n d u s t r y. The mechanically tough and chemically resistant outer wall is made of cross-linked polyolefin which provides excellent UVresistance. When heated above 121°C (250°F), with either a heat gun or torch, the tubing shrinks down to 1/3 its expanded diameter. As the adhesive lining softens it is pushed into all the voids and crevices around the connector and cable by the shrinking action of the outer wall. When cooled the adhesive then solidifies forming a flexible moisture-proof seal, providing complete corrosion protection. W h e n reheated, the adhesive sealant will soften again, allowing easy stripping for reentry to the connector or splice. 3M CCT has white heat indicating stripes which darken when the tubing is heated to the proper recovery temperature, providing a visual confirmation of correct installation