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Alpha XM2-922 Stand By Power Supply

Alpha XM2-922 Stand By Power Supply


  • $ 84999

Alpha’s XM2 CableUPS® is the industry’s leading power technology. A variety of power ratings make it an ideal match for network architectures worldwide. Advanced product design features include hot-swappable modular inverter and smart display. Optional independent dual outputs and N+1 redundant capability provide additional protection and enhanced system reliability. AC or DC generator compatibility, flexible system control and advanced status monitoring options support easy migration to clustered or centralized powering.
Input Voltage:208/240
Input Voltage Window: -20 to + 15%
Input Frequency: 60Hz
Input Frequency Window: -/+3Hz
Output Voltage: 63/75/87
Output Current: 22/22/22
Max Output Power: 2025
Output Waveform: Quasi-square wave
Voltage Regulation: -/+5%
Line Mode: 60Hz Normal
Inverter Mode: 60Hz, -/+0.05%
Short Circuit Protection: <150% of maximum current rating
Transfer Characteristics: Uninterrupted output
Battery Voltage: 48

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