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AM Communications Model 9063 Status Monitoring Transponder


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AM Communications/Opterna AM Model 9063 Status Monitoring Transponder for Lectro ZTT and Powerguard Standby Power Supplies

The 9063 is a special purpose status monitoring transponder, which is designed for use with Lectro and Powerguard standby power supplies. The unit has an advanced interface, which eliminates the need for a Lectro status-monitoring card when connected to Lectro power supplies.

The 9063 is an advanced unit, which has a frequency agile FSK data modem and downloadable program storage.
Frequency agility allows the transponder to be remotely tuned to a new operating channel in the event that communications is impaired by noise or ingress in the return spectrum. Downloadable firmware allows the unit to be remotely re-programmed if a firmware upgrade is needed.

The 9063 can remotely monitor the voltage of each of the three batteries in the Lectro supply as well as the total
battery voltage. The transponder has user definable alarm thresholds for every monitored parameter, including voltages, currents, and temperature. The 9063 also has the ability to indicate alarms for power supply status indicators standby mode and enclosure tampering. In addition, the user can remotely control the operational
mode of the power supply to perform full-load battery capacity tests, or to force the charger into a high charge
rate. These valuable control features facilitate routine maintenance functions, and eliminate the associated truck
rolls. Using AM’s Craft Interface software, local diagnostics can be performed through the RJ-45 connector on the 9063. A single “F” connector is used to connect the 9063 to the RF network using convenient drop levels.
The 9063 can be set up in minutes. There are no internal adjustments or switches.

Monitored Parameters
Total Battery Voltage
Battery 1 Voltage
Battery 2 Voltage
Battery 3 Voltage
Battery Compartment Temperature
Power Supply Output Voltage
Battery Charging Current (not available on ZTT)
Line Voltage
Standby Status
Tamper Frequency Agile RF Modem Remote Upgrade Capability Output AC Voltage Measurement User-Definable Thresholds forAll Parameters Remote Control of Power Supply Remote Control of Power Supply Mode Local “Craft” Control Port Downloadable Firmware