Antec Fiber Optic Receiver DLLRR


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The Laser Link Return Digital Receiver with Ethernet is a digital, return path receiver that has the capability of adding an Ethernet module that can provide point-to-point 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps Ethernet drops. This product must be used in conjunction with the Proteus Node Return Digital Transmitter with Ethernet. The base shelf receiver module (left half of photo shown) converts an optical signal to a digitized, electrical signal. It de-multiplexes the serial bit stream and then converts the digital signal back to the two original 5-42 MHz RF signals. The Ethernet shelf transmitter module attaches to the base module and provides up to five full duplex 10Base-TL and one 100Base-TX Ethernet drops. Features • Multiple point-to-point Ethernet drop capability • More efficient use of fiber • More efficient use of rack space in the headend/hub • Two separate RF signals per base shelf receiver module • Cost-effective; two return RF signals per base shelf receiver module • Enhanced security through digital transmission • Up to 20 optical wavelengths over a single fiber • Up to five 10 Mbps and one 100 Mbps Ethernet drops per Ethernet shelf transmitter module • Individual RJ-45 connectors for each Ethernet drop • Up to 40 return path signals over a single fiber • 14 base shelf receiver modules per shelf • Network management (status monitoring) ready • -20 dB RF output test points.   ps

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