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Antec FP24 Fiber Optic Organizer Trays


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Description: Antec FP24Fiber Optic Organizer Trays 
Antecs FP24 Fiber Optic Organizer Tray is capable of splicing and storing 24 single fused fibers. 
Intelocking covers and bases, molded in high visibility black polycabonate, provide for tray to tray stackability and ease of individual fiber indentification.
Configurable in either a butt or in line configuration, the trays are compatible with most existing closures. Single fusion trays are also compatible with fiber distribution centers.
The trays wi support all cable bundle designs such as loose tube,core tube, tight buffered, etc. 
Each base contains pre-formed radiuses which mintain fi e bend requirements and are designed with ten snap in slots on each end. Tie wraps, supplied with each tray, are used to secure the loose buffer tube or spira; wrapped bundles.