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Antronix CMCDT2100 Series Directional Tap, T-Type, 27dB; Part #CMCDT2127T

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CMCDT2100 Series Directional Tap/Coupler, Indoor, 27dB, T-Type, Tin; -120dB RF i, 5-1002MHz;  

The CMCDT2100 Series Directional Taps provide users with a variety of installation options. The L-type housing is perfect for in-wall installations where dimensions have been minimized by removing the mounting tabs. The T-type housing includes a mounting tab. Both styles are SCTE compliant.

The Antronix CMCDT2100 Series directional taps have been designed with today’s two-way broadband networks in mind. Our proprietary ferrites resist re-magnitization and remain ultra linear for consistent performance throughout its lifetime. 

Additionally, our directional couplers are among the most robust in the industry. Every port on each directional coupler is 6 kV ring wave protected. To ensure years of reliable operation, the couplers are encased in a Zinc Alloy diecast housing, plated with a proprietary Nickel Alloy which provides superior protection versus tin-plating. Each port is sealed to 15 psi to prevent water migration and meets SCTE specifications. 

*6 kV Ring Wave Surge Protected- All ports are protected against multiple 6 kV ring wave surges per IEEE specification C62.41 Category A3. 
• Excellent Distortion Performance Proprietary ferrite blend inhibits re-magnetization of the core due to voltage spikes from impulse noise or lightning. The ferrite remains ultra-linear to prevent intermodulation where high level return carriers can affect forward path video signals. 
• Digital Broadcast and HDTV Ready Compatible with existing and future networks such as VoIP and DOCSIS 3.0. • Flat 1 GHz Bandwidth with Minimal Insertion Loss Supports present and future multimedia applications including voice, video and data. 
• Capacitively Coupled F-Ports Protects against core re-magnetization and saturation while blocking AC surges. 
• Zinc Alloy Diecast Housing and Backplate w/Proprietary Nickel Alloy Plating Superior corrosion resistant plating combined with a diecast backplate protects the back of the housing where corrosion is more prominent. 
• 100% Soldered Back Ensures reliable & repeatable 120 dB RFI shielding. 
• Flat 15 psi Sealed, SCTE Compliant F-Ports Prevents water migration, while meeting SCTE standards. 
• UV Resistant Label • Integrated Mounting Tabs The T-type housing incorporates the mounting tab. 
• 75Ω Nominal Impedance 

This item is silver in color with black on the nameplate.  It measures  1/2x1-7/8x2-1/8.

*Note-  This is a new item.  Please take a look at the pictures of the item to make sure it is the product you want to purchase.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information.  Thank you for your business!

Part #CMCDT2127T


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