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Regal Compatible Retrofit Multi-taps

Antronix offers a retrofit multi-tap plate with is compatible with existing Regal® faceplates - RRT Series and the wide-bodied RRTW Series. The retrofit series multi-tap gives system operators the ability to upgrade to the Antronix advantage, ensuring your system meets and surpasses current digital broadband system standards. The Regal Retrofit multi-tap plate features the Antronix patented E-Option

E-Option plug-ins affect all the drop ports on a tap, while not affecting the through insertion loss. They overcome current design challenges by equalizing forward and return drop signals with negative/positive tilt compensation, return path attenuation, or by overcoming excessive loss in high tap values.


Features & Benefits:

  • SCTE-compliant brass F-Ports with CamPort®
  • ​Rotational seizure posts
  • 12 Amperes current passing
  • Four-stage corrosion protection process
  • Heated-treated stainless steel hardware with proprietary plating
  • Color-coded multi-tap values
  • Integrated drip wells, numbered ports, and strip gauge
  • Ribbed main line entry ports
  • Capacitively coupled F-Ports