AQT-PCM Power & Control Module

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AQT (ATSC/QAMTransoder) accepts one input in 8VSB (digital Off-air) or QAN (digital cable) format, and delivers one output in QAM format in the 54-864 MHZ range.

AQT can be utilized in a remote headend to "regenerate" a clean QAM channel from a degraded one. It also allows TV
sets to receive digital off-air programming on CATV channel assignments by transmodulating the 8VSB broadcast to QAM.



  • Input standards supported are digital off-air (8VSB & 16VSB) and digital cable (QAM 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256)
  • Agile QAM output at +40 dBmV and in the frequency range of 54-864 MHz range.