Arris 1Ch. CWDM Dual ; Part #OP34F1D-1350-0-00-AS - Confluent Technology Group
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Arris 1Ch. CWDM Dual ; Part #OP34F1D-1350-0-00-AS - Confluent Technology Group
Arris 1Ch. CWDM Dual ; Part #OP34F1D-1350-0-00-AS - Confluent Technology Group
Arris 1Ch. CWDM Dual ; Part #OP34F1D-1350-0-00-AS - Confluent Technology Group
Arris 1Ch. CWDM Dual ; Part #OP34F1D-1350-0-00-AS - Confluent Technology Group
Arris 1Ch. CWDM Dual ; Part #OP34F1D-1350-0-00-AS - Confluent Technology Group

Arris 1Ch. CWDM Dual ; Part #OP34F1D-1350-0-00-AS

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Single Channel OP34F1D CWDM(Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) Optical Add/Drop Filter;  SC/APC 3RU
This filter is a dual packaged, single width, half-depth, chassis mounted,  add/drop filter with sc/apc connectors for single CWDM wavelength(1350nm); This product measures 1x5x8;

The ARRIS OP34F1D series Single-channel CWDM Optical Filters are three-port filters that are used to add/drop a CWDM wavelength to/from a set of CWDM optical wavelengths, where the wavelengths in this case is 1350nm on the CWDM ITU grid (i.e., with 20 nm spacing). Each OP34F1D module contains two sets of identical filters (performing add/drop functions on
the same CWDM wavelength). 

These filters have been designed with low insertion loss and high channel isolation, and are packaged in ARRIS’s very compact half-depth module for mounting in the CH3000 chassis or PF3000 frame. The packaging concept for ARRIS’s family of optical passives is similar to the well-recognized LGX package; and, although ARRIS’s version of the LGX module is slightly narrower (for higher packaging density), it will also mount in any standard LGX chassis. ARRIS’s implementation maintains the advantages of the LGX concept (which enables easy, snap-in installation) while providing higher packaging density, greater flexibility and scalability to the network operator.

• Designed for use with uncooled lasers based on 20 nm channel spacing
• Flat and wide operating passband on CWDM ITU grid (20 nm spacing) 
• High channel isolation to minimize crosstalk 
• Low Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) 
• Telcordia GR-1209 and GR-1221 qualified, providing excellent environmental and mechanical stability • Removable adapters for easy cleaning • Industry’s highest packaging density (up to 32 modules per chassis)
• Occupies one half-depth slot 

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Part #OP34F1D-1350-0-00-AS


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