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  • $ 2999

FEATURES • Support expanded forward path bandwidth to 1003 MHz • Expand return bandwidth with optional 85 MHz return • Preconfigured with 8 dB or 12 dB of forward equalization to ease ordering • Maintain existing install base with housing compatibility to all ARRIS SSP and FFE line passive products • Easily adjust equalization with pluggable standard ARRIS STARLINE SFE forward equalizers • Improve system performance with pluggable JXP return path attenuation
The ARRIS FFE Forward Feederline Equalizer is designed to compensate for feeder cable slope via 1 GHz pluggable cable equalizers. This 1 GHz FFE product includes the option of adding attenuation to the return path that enables improved signal‐to‐noise performance and tighter gain variances. The equalizer circuit is contained in the same type of housing as the SSP splitters, directional couplers, and power inserters. The FFE‐100 is readily shipped preconfigured with either 8 dB or 12 dB of forward equalization. Other plug‐in equalizer values can be achieved by purchasing any available dB value of the 1 GHz ARRIS STARLINE SFE plug‐in equalizer purchased with the FFE‐HSG in the appropriate frequency split configuration for the network. The FFE supports frequency splits of 42/54 MHz, 65/85 MHz and 85/104 MHz.

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