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Arris Flex Max 901e Amplifier Model FMBEGPJ-KB6N1A1N Fast Shipping!!!


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FMBEGPJ-KB6N1A1N- Flex Max901e 1 Ghz Trunk/Bridger Amplifier. 43 db spacing, 42/54 mhz return, 439.25 mhz alc, 18 db active reverse gain, 2 output but that can be user reconfigured to 4 output with -20db external test points, module only. Uses the NPB attenuators, SEQ-862 or SEQ-1G forward equalizers, SCS-862 or SCS-1G cable simulator and the MEQ-42 return equalizer.

Arris Flex Max FM901e-T/B -For cable operators looking to ensure maximum backwards compatibility and scalability and protect network investments, ARRIS offers solutions that deliver new services with minimal CAPEX, enhance network efficiency and increase subscriber satisfaction. The Flex Max™ FM901e-T/B 1 GHz Trunk and Bridger Amplifiers enable cable operators to increase forward capacity for high definition television (HDTV) channels, typically allowing a 40% increase over current program offerings.


Simplify plant upgrades with modular RF design
Improve amplifier reach with optional GaN technology and increased station tilt
Maintain current amplifier spacing with high output GaAs technology
Expand return path bandwidth with plug-in diplex filter support to 85 MHz
Minimize RF drift over temperature with analog or QAM ALC
Facilitate underground installation with optional 90° access ports

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