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Arris Flex Max 901e Amplifier Model FMTED5J-KB6P1A1N Fast Shipping!!!


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ARRIS FM901e‐T/B Trunk and Bridger Amplifiers are designed to easily and cost effectively increase bandwidth from 750/870 MHz
to 1 GHz in legacy C‐COR networks. The FM901e‐T/B comes in high forward gain and output configurations, which allow operators
to overcome the higher insertion losses that result from coaxial cable and passives and support cost‐effective new designs.
Featuring 1 GHz GaAs technology, the FM901e‐T/B is available as a complete unit for greenfield deployments or as a drop‐in RF
module for economical 1 GHz upgrades of legacy C‐COR 750 MHz and 870 MHz FlexNet trunk and bridger amplifiers. In addition,
they can be used as spares in existing 750 MHz and 870 MHz systems. Operating specifications, such as gain and tilt, are
maintained at 750 MHz and 870 MHz, with extended gain and tilt out to 1002 MHz. These unique design considerations enable
operators to reuse their legacy amplifier housings and existing spacing, which in turn eliminates the cost of resplicing.
ARRIS also offers a QAM Channel Automatic Level Control (ALC) Pilot Frequency option, which is available with or without a gain
hold feature, for Flex Max Amplifiers. An option with the gain hold feature enables an amplifier to adjust output levels to the mid‐
range automatically if its pilot level drops by 10 dB or more. The ALC Pilot Frequency option allows operators to choose between
609 MHz or 711 MHz pilot frequencies.

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