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Arris OC Series Optical Coupler, OCRD06M0000P1. New In Box

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OC Series Optical Coupler OCRD06M0000P1
ARRIS OC series dual window optical couplers are based on an array of up to seven optical 1x2 coupler/splitters packaged in a protective enclosure. Each card has 1 or 2 inputs and 2 to 32 outputs, depending on the model, and can pass wavelengths in the 1310 nm and 1550 nm regions. Cards can be added in series to accommodate more than eight outputs. The optical loss from the input to each output can be varied to maximize the efficiency of the optical links.
For most inside plant applications, each coupler’s protective enclosure allows it to be used either independently or mounted with other optical cards in an LGX‐style optical shelf, such as the ARRIS OS1000 optical shelf. Couplers with up to five outputs are single‐width cards, using one slot in an optical shelf. Cards with six to eight outputs are double‐width cards, using two slots in an optical shelf.
The OC series couplers allow one transmitter to serve multiple receivers. In certain applications, the couplers may be used instead to combine optical signals.
• Allow one transmitter to serve multiple receivers
• Available with standard connector options
• LGX‐style, splice‐tube, or flat‐box enclosure types
• A 2x2 coupler card is available for easy optical combining/splitting
Connector ports:
1. Fi/Ri, FoRi/FiRo, Ro/Fo.
2. Fi/Ri, FoRi/FiRo, Ro/Fo.

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