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Arris OP35D5H-0-00-AS Demultiplexer

Arris OP35D5H-0-00-AS Demultiplexer


  • $ 21999

ARRIS OP34D5x series 5-channel CWDM demultiplexers are designed to demultiplex five CWDM ITU-grid optical wavelengths from one fiber input, producing five individual wavelengths ranging from 1270 to 1350 nm (“very low channels” group), 1430 to 1510 nm (“low channels” group), or from 1530 to 1610 nm (“high channels” group), with 20 nm spacing between channels.

• 15 CWDM wavelengths in 3 groups of 5 each
• Designed for use with uncooled lasers based on 20 nm channel spacing
• Flat and wide operating passband on CWDM ITU grid (20 nm spacing)
• High channel isolation to minimize crosstalk
• Low polarization dependent loss (PDL)
• Telcordia GR-1209 and GR-1221 qualified, providing excellent environmental and mechanical stability
• Optional integrated 1310 nm combiner/splitter
• Optional line monitoring tap
• Occupies two half-depth slots
• 1310 nm port as cascade port for very low channels

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