Aurora 2 Ch LcWDM Demux, Ch. KK, LL, Field Hd, w/ Pgtl; Part #OP93D2L-1-00-R2-AS

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Aurora Networks

Optical Passives(OSP) OP93D2L LcWDM™ 2-channel Demultiplexers for Wavelengths KK and LL in a Field Hardened Enclosure; Cascade port only;  2 mm fiber with SC/APC Connectors in 96 x 78 x 8 mm Ruggedized Package; Quality Control;

Product Overview:

ARRIS’s OP93D2L 2-channel LcWDM demultiplexers facilitate LcWDM™ architectures. All models are ideal for common node splitting/ segmentation applications and can be mounted in the FT4005 fiber management tray of an NC4000 series optical node or nearby splice enclosure. LcWDM technology can dramatically increase network capacity without requiring additional fiber to be deployed for super-trunking or narrowcasting applications.

The OP93D2L demultiplexes two LcWDM wavelengths transmitted from the headend, with a cascade port passing through any additional wavelengths.

*2-channel optical demux modules 
• Channels defined by LcWDM wavelengths (KK and LL) 
• Cascade port on all models 
• Optional downstream port and dual local ports for 1424–1617 nm return 
• Flat-top passband 
• High optical isolation 
• Supports both forward and return path transmission of analog and digital signals 
• RoHS compliant

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Part #OP93D2L-1-00-R2-AS