Aurora Fiber Optic Filter OP94F1S-1550-R2-00


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Optical Passives (OSP) OP94F1S Single-channel CWDM Optical Filter ARRIS’s OP94F1S series Single-channel CWDM Optical Filters are three-port filters that are used to add/drop a CWDM wavelength to/from a set of CWDM optical wavelengths, where the wavelengths are 1270, 1290, . . ., 1350, 1430, 1450, . . ., 1610 nm on the CWDM ITU grid (i.e., with 20 nm spacing). The filters are available in three versions of packaging for outdoor use, two versions ruggedized for easy handling and the third version, though not ruggedized, being smaller and easier to fit in a splice enclosure. All versions are designed for use in an outdoor environment within a temperature range of –40° to +85°C. PRODUCT OVERVIEW • Designed for use with uncooled lasers based on 20 nm channel spacing • Flat and wide operating passband on CWDM ITU grid (20 nm spacing) • High channel isolation to minimize crosstalk • Low polarization dependent loss (PDL) • Telcordia GR-1209 and GR-1221 qualified, providing excellent environmental and mechanical stability • Variety of options for module body robustness, fiber buffer, and connector types •