BAVM-860SAW Fixed Channel Modulator - Confluent Technology Group
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BAVM-860SAW Fixed Channel Modulator - Confluent Technology Group

BAVM-860SAW Fixed Channel Modulator

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BAVM-860SAW Fixed Channel Modulator
The BAVM-860SAW is an economical commercial quality TV modulator. It provides a +55 dBmV RF output on any specified CATV channel from 2 to 135 (54 to 860 MHz). HRC and IRC frequency plans are also available. The BAVM-860SAW is ideal for placing A/V program sources such as satellite receivers, VCRs, DVDs, cameras or TV demodulators onto standard 6 MHz NTSC TV channels for broadband distribution. The BAVM-860SAW features IF SAW filtering with built-in FCC group delay pre-distortion assuring excellent adjacent channel performance and color operation. 

The BAVM is an excellent replacement for the discontinued Drake 300VMF.

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