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Belden 16" Lashing Strap, Zinc bundle of 25 Model 34-08921


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Bundle of 25.
Used to strap coaxial and telephone cable to strand. •Special zinc alloy in 3/4”width. • Edges are processed to remove raised and projecting metal. Edges are smooth and free from burrs.
1. Measure diameter or circumference of bundle. Use table to determine strap length. 
2. Thread strap through spacer slot. 
3. Wrap strap around bundle (strand, spacer, cables) then through buckle twice, pulling eachwrap tight. 
4. Strap end should be doubled under itself (about 1.5”) before making final pass through buckle. Trim off excess. 
5. Bend doubled thickness over top of buckle to prevent unravelling. 
Note: In cable TV installation, straps should not be too tight as they may restrict cable movement during contraction and expansion and possibly damage cable