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It's a Snap! Snap-N-Seal® Connectors are the Easiest Connectors to Install Correctly. Step 1: Cut the cable end square and position it in the CST596711 cable preparation tool. Rotate tool until cable jacket removes easily. Step 2: Position the connector on the cable. Post is flush at dielectric. Step 3: Place connector in SNSUTL compression tool as shown. Step 4: Squeeze handles of tool until sleeve is fully compressed — An audible snap can be heard when the connector is properly inserted onto the cable. Snap-N-Seal® Connector Advantages:
  • Over 14 Year Track Record of Reliability
  • Industry's Lowest Compression Force Required for Installation
  • User-Friendly Installation Tools
  • Connectors' Sleeves Are Color-Coded for Different Cable Sizes
  • Easy Connector Identification Before and After Installation
  • 75 Ohm CATV Connectors Feature Industry Leading Compression Technology
  • Connection of Choice for Broadband Communications and Satellite Companies
  • For 7 Series and 11 Series CATV Cables
  • 100% Waterproof — Superior Environmental Seal Prevents Any Moisture Migration Into the Connection
  • No Performance Degradation Over Time
  • True 360 Degree Compression Design that Ensures Superior Electrical Performance
  • Simple and Quick to Install

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