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CANUSA CFTV 1500 48" Heat Shrink Tubing 3:1 Ratio (1 tube)


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DescriptionCFTV heat shrinkable tubing is designed specifically to meet the needs of the CATV industry. CFTV tubing provides an absolute waterproof seal and mechanical protection. CFTV tubing is easy to install and allows clean and easy connector re-entry. The unique sealant that internally coats CATV tubing provides selective strippability and a strong watertight bond to cable and cable jacket, yet strips fast and clean for re-entry to the connector splice. Heat indicator lines disappear when tubing has fully recovered producing an error free installation without scorching or cable damage. Features: Shrink ratio of 3 to 1. Environmentally seals and mechanically protects. 7 standard sizes. Adhesive flows smoothly and will not drip. Selective strippability to meet CATV industry needs. Balanced system with three synchronized components: stripes change color, tubing shrinks and sealant flows simultaneously.