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The cable is made from solid copper clad aluminum, with 4 twisted pairs to ensure optimal signal speeds. The cable is shielded to minimize signal noise and interference and grounded to ensure compliance with ANSI standards for commercial buildings. To protect the wiring, the cable has a ripcord that enables installers to strip the cable jacket without harming the wires.

To make installation easier, the cable comes on a wooden spool in a box. That enables tangle-free, snag-free pulls throughout the installation process. Finally, this 1000 ft CAT5e FTP Network Ethernet, 1000ft cat5e Shielded Bulk wire comes with handy foot-markings that use a sequential foot-by-foot countdown from 1,000 feet.

Features include:

  • Wooden Spool in a box; reinforced box opening
  • Solid copper clad aluminum (CCA) construction
  • Shielded cable wire to reduce noise and signal interference
  • Grounding wire
  • Suitable for outdoor, direct burial use
  • Rip cord to strip cable jacket and reduce risk of damage to wire during installation
  • Each conductor is 24 AWG with 4 twisted pairs, optimized to improve speed
  • Cable is foot-marked, with a sequential countdown from 1000 Feet
  • Cable wire is tangle-free, snag-free for easier cable management and simplified installation
  • Length: 1000ft