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Cisco 1000Base CWDM ZX LC, 80 Km, 1510 nm SFP transceiver; Part #CWDM-SFP-1510=

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1000Base CWDM ZX LC, 80 Km, 1510 nm SFP transceiver.  P/N #10-1883-03; CLEI pn-#CNTRVYFAB
RoHS Compliant, Class 1 Laser Product, Quality Control;  100% Cisco compatible.

Form Factor: SFP

Port Interface: 1 x 1.25GBase LC

Interface Details: 1000Base CWDM ZX

Data Rate: 1.25 Gbps

Wavelength: 1510 nm

Distance: 80 Km (49.7 miles)

Temperature Range: Commercial 0°C to 70°C

Digital Diagnostics (DDM): Yes

Connection: Single-mode Fiber (SMF)

Hot Swappable: Yes

Dimensions: 0.50" x 0.50" x 2.25"

Data Sheet: CWDM-SFP-1510-A

RoHS Compliant-  RoHS is a product level compliance based on the European Union's Directive 2002/95/EC, the Restriction of the Use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS).

Class 1 Laser Product-  A Class 1 laser is safe under all conditions of normal use. This means the maximum permissible exposure (MPE) cannot be exceeded when viewing a laser with the naked eye or with the aid of typical magnifying optics (e.g. telescope or microscope).

Quality Control- (QC) is a process through which a business seeks to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved. Quality control involves testing of units and determining if they are within the specifications for the final product.

*Note-  This is a new product.  Please take a look at the pictures of the product to make sure it is something you wish to buy.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information.  Thank you for your business!

Part #CWDM-SFP-1510=