COMMSCOPE P3500JCASS - Confluent Technology Group
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COMMSCOPE P3500JCASS - Confluent Technology Group
COMMSCOPE P3500JCASS - Confluent Technology Group


$ 1,150.00
Footage may vary but all reel are at least 2400 foot.
Construction Materials  
Corrosion Protection   Migraheal®
Jacket Material   PE
Center Conductor Material   Copper-clad aluminum
Construction Type   Swaged
Dielectric Material   Foam PE
Outer Conductor Material   Aluminum
Diameter Over Center Conductor, nominal   2.769 mm   |   0.109 in
Diameter Over Dielectric, nominal   11.481 mm   |   0.452 in
Diameter Over Outer Conductor, nominal   12.700 mm   |   0.500 in
Diameter Over Jacket, nominal   14.478 mm   |   0.570 in
Jacket Thickness, nominal   0.7620 mm   |   0.0300 in
Outer Conductor Thickness, nominal   0.6096 mm   |   0.0240 in
Cable Length   732 m   |   2400 ft
Shipping Weight   123.00 lb/kft


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