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Commscope Tri-Shield In-House Reel in Box RG6 1000ft F677TSVV-XP-RIB-Plus


  • $ 9500

CablePak® Box - All F6 Indoor Products CablePak Box is Commscope's patent-pending 1000’ reel-in-box design, ideal for use in indoor installations. The CablePak incorporates many key features including a maximum weather resistant triple layer, non-waxed based coating that is 100% recyclable. This already-durable box is further strengthened by the addition of a plastic strap that passes through the reel center tube and is secured over the top of the box. Our enlarged 10” payout can be used to re-spool unused cable without opening the box. Plus, the two handhold design allows for sturdy grip with either left or right hand carry

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